How to Select best video marketing consultancy services in Delhi NCR Gurugram?

Publish Date:15-01-2020
By Vivek Bandooni


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If you are a multinational company you need to grow every year. Every year growth should be 20%. 20% of your budget should be for video marketing. Video content is the future and while selecting the marketing consultancy you need to see which entrepreneur will be the best to guide you for you. Aditya Dimri holds over 20% of experience in the corporate 10 years in while in the job and 10 years while as an entrepreneur running a successful video production house and he has worked with some of the big clients like Asian Paints, Anton par, extenture, Maruti Suzuki, Gabriel, Sakkata seeds, Japan, SNB Global, and thousands of more. He has one unique capability whenever he meets the clients, he is able to convince them, what kind of video they need to make whether they need to go for a shoot-based video or they need to go for an animated video or they have to go for a testimonial video. Based on the current situation of the company he is able to give the best consultancy services for video marketing. Companies in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon NCR have benefited from his organization called Cuts & Camera Production. Cuts & camera Production is 10-year-old production house based out of Gurgaon, they have studio in sector 10A and marketing office in Shona Road. So, this organization headed by Aditya Dimri, he has the best of the equipment’s, Talent and editing tables to get the right content for you. So, get you content ready for your video marketing strategy. Aditya Dimri not just works for the multinational company but also for individuals and asamies where he gives them the right consultancy advice because he thinks that not only social media should be used for marketing you need to make more video content which is effective gives you SEO benefits and direct footfall or phone calls to your business ,he Knows the game and he will help you out and if you want to avail services from his company Cuts & camera Productions part of ADVJ New Media Pvt. Ltd. You can call on this number 7042111335 or you can email So, consultancy is free of cost you can call him, you can visit his office or call his team. Hope this will help you and you can craft the right video marketing strategy for your company.

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