Trends in packaging industry supporting ecommerce

The pandemic-driven surge in e-commerce sales resulted in increase of packages reaching customer in metro cities of india like gurugram delhi noida etc— and packaging is a critical component as the e-commerce industry which continues to expand at unprecedented rates. Packaging for e-commerce is more than protecting and preserving the product.

For the consumer, the distinction continues to blur between regular kirana retail and e-commerce. According to one research most purchases following a mobile search happened not online but in a physical store (73%) or via a phone call (16%).

As consumers continue to shop online, their expectations have increased . When it comes to packaging for online shopping, an enjoyable unboxing experience can help drive brand loyalty.

The visual appeal of packaging pays off. Specifically printed or customized packaging made customers feel like the product inside was more valuable. Unlike conventional retail, where consumers hold a product as part of the purchase decision process eg. at croma or vijay sales, online consumers only experience a physical product after it arrives at their homes.

To meet the needs of this more competitive, e-commerce driven market, new and innovative packaging designs often require implementing new machinery solutions.

Additionally, the pandemic has accelerated the move to more sustainable packaging choices for e-commerce. These earth-friendly alternatives come in a variety of materials, such as boxes made from 100% post-consumer waste and petroleum-free inks.

Improving partnerships throughout the supply chain can help ensure that machinery is able to handle recyclable and/or biodegradable materials, as well as new, sales-boosting packaging designs that often cause plant inefficiencies. Improved communication and partnerships were often cited as a solution to many of the packaging challenges

The best place to find the right e-commerce packaging solutions and forge the necessary partnerships to succeed in this changing marketplace is by registering and various exhibitions related to packaging in India.

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