In sales which one is shared first good news or bad news.

Sales sales sales … You like it or hate it, one can not live without it directly or indirectly. Final sales moments in places like gurgaon or gurugram ncr are easily spotted from eyes. Now sales professionals often ask between good or bad thing about their product or service which one should be shared with prospect first.
A product bad feature could be like some feature missing e.g non availability of adjustable driver seat feature in a car model.
A product good feature could be like some extra wonderful features eg. Availability of voice commands to open sunroof in a car.
Now it depends on how good the customer is motivated. If the customer looks motivated, you need to tell him/her the good feature first and at the end spend few seconds to share the product bad feature.
Like take the case of mutual fund tv advertisements, you will always see they are made for motivated viewers. At the end of these mutual fund ads you will see a fast one liner “mutual funds are subjected to market risks..blah blah blah”.
For non motivated customers , sales professionals should use the technique of sharing bad product feature first and good product feature later. This is because non motivated customers are skeptical, and their contrast shifts after understanding the bad product feature. They feel a sense of trust in you. And its likely that later when they come to know about the good product feature, they will purchase the product.

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