Few tips that can change the corporate cinematography game

You want to make films for corporate houses in gurgaon , But you dont know anything about the subject. Dont you worry now.

1 Learn

Internet is a wonderful source of learning where you can learn unlimited stuff . Follow famous film makers. Be attentive to every single detail, camera angles, lighting, exposure, etc.

2 Get a Pro Level Camera

Photography is the 1st step. Through photography you learn framing, composition, exposure, angles, etc.

3 Master Art

Get familiar to your camera. Functions such as aperture and focus will help in improving your camerawork.

4 Plan

Get the story right. It should be captivating. Try visualizing

5 Know Your Location

Scout for the location .Check for background noises that may interfere with your filming.

6 Make Your Own Movies

Keep shooting all the time. All comes with experience

Corporate Video Production – Captivate Your Audience


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