Different types of lense filters

Camera lens filters are accessories that can be placed on your lens to protect it, manage lighting, or produce specific effects.

In most cases, lense filters will be used for protecting the lens from falls or scratches. Or used to control the light of the scene and to create specific effects, such as eliminating colors, reducing reflections .

Lense filters are of following types
  • UV  filters: Their main function is to protect the lens against scratches, water or dust.
  • Neutral density filters (ND): They help to control the light that hits the sensor, subtracting light according to the opacity of the filter.
  • Polarizing filters: They polarize the light that reaches the sensor, eliminating undesired reflections, haze and saturating colors naturally.
  • Color filters: To change the tone or saturation of the image.
  • Night filters: Aimed at eliminating the light pollution of the scene.
  • Macro filters: They act as a “magnifying glass”, allowing macro photographs.
  • Infrared filter: This filter allows to simulate the effect of taking infrared images.
  • Special effects filter: They help to simulate effects such as warm light filters or “Skylight”, fog or stars.